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Our passion, our program 

 We're not new to organic farming. We have a long family history of growing food that's safe to eat. The next generation of Wellhausen organic farmers is now adding new, fresh, ideas to our family farm. Raised beds, drip irragation, hoop houses, and new methods of chemical free weed control. Here on the farm we take eating safe food seriously. With fifty acres of organic farm land and pasture, we have plenty of room to grow for you. Professional, full time, farmers, growing good food is all we do. Why not bring our farm to your front door? Food grown without using any toxins, or other chemicals. Food so good, we put our family name on it. Isn't it time for you to get with the program?

Get Local


No longer will your food travel thousands of miles to get to your plate. We bring locally grown, seasonal, sustainable food home for you. Every week of the growing season you will recieve a home delivery of food grown right here on our farm. Food grown by people you know. Food that's safe to eat and good for you. Food grown using sustainable farming practices, so it's good for our planet too.

We grow all of our food the old school way, with a modern twist. Get a taste of why going backwards is a good thing. Join us and see why eating local is the fastest growing segment of the food world. Get real with your food!



Out of the box


As a farm member you'll have a share of the farm delivered to your front door each week. Harvested by hand, all of our produce is post harvest cooled within minutes of picking. We use custom made, thermal lined delivery bags. Your fresh produce will stay fresh and cool for hours. No need to worry about having to be home when we deliver.

Our delivery day is Sunday each week. After the first few weeks, we work the bugs out, and your delivery time will be about the same each week. Now, you know where your food comes from and what time it will come home. Each week you'll get our weekly newsletter telling you what's coming home with tasty ideas on how to enjoy it.

Seasonal and reasonable


Eating seasonal from the farm means as the seasons change, so will the food we bring home for you each week. Starting in June we bring spring to your front door. Fresh crisp lettuce, spring root crops, kale, Swiss chard, thyme, strawberries, and spinach. The season always starts out light, but by the end of July your share from the farm will average about eight pounds of farm fresh food each week.

We want to make eating healthy affordable for everyone. That's why our farm membership is only $189 for the first year. Then you only pay $19 for each week we deliver to your home. Eating healthy doesn't cost more. It pays!


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