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Real food

Here on the farm we're not just farmers. We're foodies too. We think food should be fun and you should have fun with your food. As a farm member, you can order locally produced cheese, honey, butter, and our locally almost famous, fresh, mostly brown farm eggs. We have a members only, farmers market web store. You can order award winning, locally produced cheese. Cheese made from milk off our neighbors farms and turned to to cheese by fourth generation cheese makers. Order our hand rolled Amish butter. Made in small batches, never pumped, never processed butter. Eat meat? Order a feeder pig, or steer and we'll raise it for you. Drug free, free range, pork and beef. All the cuts you eat, delivered to you front door.

Local, fresh, sustainable, food. We call it "eating close to the land". When's the last time you ate like a farmer? Come join us and get a taste of real. You'll never look food the same again.

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Cheese Package
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